Using the magic of words to build worlds
sarah m. murphy

As children, we believed in magic. In the daily possibility of a world that regularly delivered the seemingly impossible. We lived in continuous wonder at the butterflies dancing noiselessly over flowers, or the moon following us on our nighttime drives. As we grew, we were told that magic was not real, and slowly, we stopped believing, the magic fading, replaced with an ill-fitting concept they called "reality."

What we failed to realize, as children and now as adults, is that it wasn't the world that magic. It was us.

The world is no less magical today then it was when you were young. Magic is in you and it's for you.

Are you ready to rediscover your magic?

A Rediscovery of Magic

Sarah's Manifesto

- 20+ years in senior leadership positions in tech and hospitality
- Masters degree in Management from an Ivy League University
- Owner of two six-figure businesses with 60%+ profit margin
- Industry thought leader for an entire sector of the service industry
- Experienced public speaker
- Gifted at teaching, communicating, and structuring  curriculum for adult learning
- Student and practitioner of metaphysics

Words have the power of activation. They carry with them a vibrational resonance that can be heard and felt as clearly as a musical note struck on an instrument. 

Words, like music, can make you think and trigger emotion. Thoughts and emotions drive action, and action drives creation.

In the sense that magic is the the power of influencing the course of events, I've chosen words as my modality of magic.

I strive to live AUTHENTICALLY and in my GENIUS. I have chosen the magic of words to change worlds for both myself and my clients.

Three & Six month containers for business and leadership coaching. We work one-on-one through self-limiting beliefs, the proper business strategies for your entrepreneurial or leadership success, and how you can align your daily actions with the best version of yourself so you can start living your dreams.

1:1 Coaching

$10,000 / $18,000

An engaging and authentic thought leader, I love any opportunity to use words to change worlds be it in an article, podcast, or on stage.

If you'd like to add a little magic to your business and leadership lineup, I'd love to connect!

Freelance Writing & Speaking

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LEadership Articles
by Sarah


I support leaders and entrepreneurs in rediscovering their greatest purpose from a place of total neutrality. I see everyone in their highest form, no matter what they think of themselves or their situation, so it's easy for me to guide people towards the best version of themselves. 

Sometimes this looks like building their current business into the empire of their dreams. Sometimes it looks like burning their empire to the ground to make space for what they've longed to bring into existence. Sometimes it's a deepening, sometimes a widening, sometimes a reaching, always a releasing. Never the same, always perfect.

Me. You. The World. 

A collective of people who stand strong in their purpose and confident in their genius is sovereign, and a sovereign people take full ownership of their existence and their future. THAT is where magic is made. THAT is how worlds are created.

If you're drawn here, I have keys for you and I do this for you.